My BFF is Getting Married!

OK you guys, my BFF is getting MARRIED!! She has been engaged for a while, but now the real planning has begun and it is starting to feel pretty real. I am so thrilled for her, I can’t even explain it. Her and her sweetheart have been living apart for the majority of their engagement. So, this wedding will be bringing them back together. How romantic <3 <3 <3

Anyway, I’m gushing. As the maid of honor (I refuse the title of matron) I have quite a few responsibilities. Many of which I slack on because I have a crazy, nuts toddler to keep me busy. First of which is making sure she stays sane with all of the family emotions. Parents, in-laws, cousins, you name it. Everyone always has an opinion, and my beautiful friend is someone who always wants to make sure that EVERYONE is happy. That is what I love most about her. She sincerely wants everyone to feel happy. However, on her wedding day (and the days leading up to it) she deserves to be the happy one. The one who makes the decisions, the one who picks everything from the dresses, to the shoes, from the colors, to the jewelry. Every inch of this wedding should be exactly how she imagined it her entire life.

Well, the dresses are chosen, the tuxes have been picked out, the color scheme has been defined, the venue is booked – everything is really coming together! Yup – it’s real! MY BFF IS GETTING MARRIED!

One thing is still missing, the invitations! Honestly, they are easy to forget about but they are arguably one of the most important parts of the wedding planning (besides the bride and groom of course!). Everyone single one of your guests will receive an invitation in the mail. It sets the stage for what they are to expect from your wedding. Will it be a formal affair? Will it be casual? What will I wear? What will be served for dinner? It’s the ultimate first impression of your wedding day.

Not to mention, having an organized invitation and RSVP system makes your life a whole heck of a lot easier in the long-run. That is why is such a great deal for wedding invitations. They not only offer matching invitation accessories such as RSVP cards, direction cards, and thank-you cards, they also offer FREE address printing on the envelopes. Talk about time saver! Take it from someone who had to have all of the addresses on her envelopes HAND WRITTEN, this is an awesome feature! also offers menu cards, place cards, and table decor to match your theme and your designs. Yet another time saver!

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The wedding colors are going to consist of silver, gold, and slate blue. This is where she found some of her inspiration:

There are so many invitation and decor options on Minted to fit that theme. Here are some of her top picks at the moment:

Gold Rush:

The Timeless Mini-Book:

Dapper Amper:

Majestic Foil-Pressed:

Help her choose the best design! Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite!