12 Best Ideas For Remote Control Spiders That You Should Not Miss!

Are you looking for a remote control spider for your kid’s birthday? This post will help cut down your shopping time with the list of top choices. Let’s click on it! 

Parents would be surprised to see the remote control spider on their children’s wish list. These toys can teach children many things rather than looking scary. 

The good thing is that these items come in various designs, so you can simply choose one that suits your needs best.

We’ve put together some of the greatest toys available in this guide. Let’s check it out and find your favorite! 

Best Remote Control Spider 

Remote control spiders might be the ideal gift for a child who loves bugs and crawling things.

There are two categories here: DIY and realistic models. We will suggest options for both, so feel free to choose. 

DIY Kit 

The STEM toys listed here are fantastic for educating kids about mechanics, construction, and problem-solving.

These models are also a pleasant shift from RC vehicles and other wheeled toys, encouraging your kids’ curiosity and creativity. 

#1. Mecca Spider

Meccano kits will always be the top choice with kids who love construction since they look more genuine than LEGO Technic projects.

The MeccaSpider is perfect for children aged ten and above, but small kids with adult supervision can also use it. Its complexity level is intermediate. 

The legs on this model look pretty cool, and there’s a nice customizable kit at the rear. Kids love the style since it seems more insect-like.

Your children may experiment with personality traits such as defending and attacking using the remote control and customizable features.


  • The automated construction enhances the Meccano look.
  • With the help of a simple controller, you may have a lot of fun.
  • There’s a little more to a spider’s charm than movement.
  • The model is customizable, making it a great introduction to robotics and programming. 


  • The product is not suitable for advanced STEM learning.
  1. Mecca Spider (Link)

#2. Adeept DarkPaw Bionic Kit

This item isn’t precisely a spider in design. This four-legged robot moves and acts like a spider.

The motion of the legs and the crawling actions distinguish these machines from “spiders.”

This product is perfect for older kids and teenagers who want to study deeper about coding and robotics since it employs the Raspberry Pi technology. 

You can learn about it right here: 


The finished product can recognize things and detect motion, allowing it to crawl around the area more intelligently than the ordinary tarantula.


  • Smart technology can recognize motion and objects.
  • This complicated construct is ideal for older kids and teenagers.
  • Even though the Raspberry Pi comes separately, this program introduces children to innovative coding.
  • Legs can move realistically.


  • It’s not really a spider but a four-legged machine. 
  1. Adeept DarkPaw Bionic Kit (Link)

#3. Adeept Hexapod Kit

There are several thrilling alternative mechanical kits available from Adeept. Despite being a hexapod, this spider still has the right number of legs.

This model makes everything more usable and user-friendly, allowing all family members to participate. However, you must have 18650 batteries at hand. 

The manufacturer uses artificial intelligence to avoid obstructions, self-stabilization, and a combat mode to make this design more realistic.

The kit comes with a detailed PDF handbook with drawings. It will walk you through assembling your Raspberry Pi machine step by step.


  • The product is more accessible thanks to the app controls. 
  • It has the same exceptional capacity to identify obstacles and movement.
  • A hexapod design looks more like a spider.
  • Teens and younger kids will have a good time.


  • You need to source some parts to get the machine to work. 
  1. Adeept Hexapod Kit (Link)

#4. Hexbug Spider

Hexbugs are a robotic tarantula toy that moves in a new direction. This one is the combination of the RC spider and the kits.

The product comes pre-assembled with a two-channel remote control. However, its structure and transparent design are similar to those of other kits. There are various colors, but they arrive randomly. 

If your kids want to learn more and have outgrown their model spiders, this item might be a wonderful start to a more “grown-up” toy.

This small arachnid can crawl about and has a 360-degree swivel head, making it an amusing little pet. The toy’s mobility and remote make it perfect for vacations or family activities.


  • This small, portable machine is excellent for outings and playdates.
  • There are various colors. 
  • It’s cheap enough to buy two sets for siblings.
  • You will find the remote control simple to use. 


  • There is a higher chance of loss or harm.
  1. Hexbug Spider (Link)

#5. Hexbug Battle Spider

These spiders are a level up from the standard HEXBUG spider and are ready for combat. 

They can also spin 360 degrees and navigate surfaces with remarkable robot intelligence.

The battle spiders use high technology sensors to shoot at each enemy and can react after a hit. It shuts down after ten hits. 

These toys are fantastic gifts for older children who want to experiment more than simply move the bug around.

The only drawback is that you’ll need at least two of them to fight. If you’re considering getting a battle tarantula, we suggest having the twin set.


  • The sensor technology is impressive. 
  • The spiders can spin 360 degrees. 
  • The remarkable robot intelligence allows you to do more tasks with the toy. 


  • You should buy at least two spiders for combat. 
  1. Hexbug Battle Spider (Link)

#6. Smithsonian Science Kit

It’s a terrific buddy toy for children fascinated by robotics and who can understand complex designs.

In addition, the Smithsonian organization assures parents that their child is receiving a high-quality educational gift.

This STEM toy allows kids to assemble a moving spider. You will particularly like that it is an eight-legged tarantula instead of hexapods or six-legged animals.

The legs’ joints can help simulate the spider’s movements. It also includes a spider-related educational poster.

So, the item isn’t the RC toy you’re searching for right now. Yet, it’s worth considering for those keen on robotics and tarantulas.


  • You have a true spider model with eight legs. 
  • Your kids can gain confidence with robotics and kits.
  • The link to the Smithsonian is a big plus. 
  • The kit comes with a supplementary spider-related poster.


  • There is no way to control it from afar.
  1. Smithsonian Science Kit (Link)

#7. Magical Imaginary Spider 

This tarantula is best for older kids and adults due to its frail legs and small size. 

Its genuine movements and design make it excellent for tricks and pranks on Halloween or April Fools Day.

This toy comes in the color and shape of a black widow spider. You will find it great for frightening unsuspecting friends or colleagues.

Thanks to the high-quality RC, the tarantula can work even if you are not standing next to it. 

Although the toy is little, about 4 x 6 inches, you can easily use it to surprise the target of your prank. 


  • This item comes with high-quality remote control.
  • It’s perfect for practical tricks for its realistic appearance.
  • The tarantula is great for older kids because of the controls and motions.
  • Batteries come in the toy. 


  • The fragile legs may break with improper care. 
  1. Magical Imaginary Spider (Link)

Realistic Remote Control Spider

These models are suitable for young kids because they don’t have to build anything. If you like this idea, keep scrolling down for the best option in the category. 

#1. Baztoy Joke Toy

This inexpensive RC tarantula offers a money-back guarantee. It is a good choice for smaller kids because it features a control with two buttons.

As the toy moves forward and backward, the eight legs also move. When seen for the first time, this motion has a lifelike animation that will mislead everyone for a while. 

Another interesting feature is its glow-in-the-dark materials, which absorb light and sparkle in the dark.

This function and the toy’s natural hairy-spider skin make it ideal for Halloween decorations.


  • The remote control is super simple to use. 
  • The design makes it perfect for Halloween decorations, especially sparkling material. 
  • The legs can move in a realistic manner.
  • The manufacturer provides a complete money-back guarantee.


  • There are just two directions in which it may move.
  1. Baztoy Joke Toy (Link)

#2. Discovery Kids RC

Because of its global wheel rotation, this remote control tarantula from Discovery Kids can crawl in any direction.

The legs can move, but they don’t propel it. This feature is important since such legs may break, but the spider can still move easily if it happens. 

The Moving Tarantula is a fantastic choice for young kids due to its durability.

The infrared RC and control level with three separate radio frequencies, on the other hand, will attract older kids. 

This tarantula has LED eyes and a lifelike appearance. Some people use it as a convenient teaching aid at home and school. 


  • The model has a realistic movement. 
  • The universal wheels can move in all directions. 
  • The RC features three different radio frequencies for perfect control and excellent performance.
  • This tarantula may act as a toy and a teaching aid. 


  • The legs get broken easily. 
  1. Discovery Kids RC (Link)

#3. Tipmant Large Size Tarantula

Tipmant’s huge spider is brilliant for younger kids. It has a genuine appearance, movable legs that mimic those of a spider, and brightening eyes.

The large size makes it simple to notice. It’s also a great curiosity and practical trick because it can move in all directions. 

You may move your toy forward and backward with the RC. Unlike many lower-cost variants, which only crawl in one way, this one can also turn right and left. 

Tipmant spiders also use 9-volt, AA, and AAA batteries, which are widely available.


  • The toy is simple to find because of its enormous size.
  • It can roll across non-smooth areas.
  • You can buy its batteries everywhere. 
  • The ability to crawl in any direction makes it a great trick. 


  • The batteries might run out fast at times.
  1. Tipmant Large Size Tarantula (Link)

#4. Tipmant High Simulation 

The RC tarantula is a high-fidelity version of a genuine spider. It has a realistic design, eight movable legs, and glowing eyeballs.

Aside from the detailed design, it’s also easy to control since the remote employs easy-to-use buttons and infrared. 

The powerful engine allows you to drive the machine up to 20 feet away as long as there are no obstacles.

This spider can move backward and forward. You will also be impressed when it spins in place with the basic controls.

The Tipmant also has the advantage of using typical AAA batteries. You can simply buy and replace them. 


  • The spider runs on standard AAA batteries.
  • The one-button RC is simple to use.
  • The toy has a genuine, hairy appearance.
  • Legs can move realistically as well.


  • Long distances may cause the control to malfunction.
  1. Tipmant High Simulation (Link)

#5. Terra by Battat

This creepy-crawly item has a genuine spider’s body compacted into a toy-size shell.

Your kids will fall in love with the vibrant colors, the exact ratios of the body parts, the dark eyes, and even the colorful teeth.

Infrared rays sent through the bug’s remote controller allow it to navigate. It can move forward, backward, left, right, and rotate 360 degrees. 


  • The model has an excellent body ratio to a spider.
  • The colors are brilliant. 
  • It can crawl in any direction. 


  • The toy responds quite slowly to RC. 
  1. Terra by Battat (Link)

Final Words 

Remote control spiders come in a variety of designs and sizes. You may pick a model that provides the durability, controls, designs, and actions you need. 

Whether you want a frightening, educational, or entertaining toy, our recommendations can satisfy your needs.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!