Thanks to advanced technology, children can start to develop their creativity from an early age. In order to let your toddlers approach the basic knowledge safely with pure joy, the list of 10 best engineering toys are created.

  1. The Fun Mixture Of Engineering Toys and Knowledge

Price: ~$16.99

Age: For 2 years old and above


They are fun for toddlers to play with. These toys combine the science of magnets and large, colorful pieces and are safe for playing. Its benefits such as:

  • It  won’t fit into a 2-year-old’s mouth like traditional bricks would. 
  • These magnetic sets encourage children to build more easily than other types of construction toy sets do. 
  • They’re perfect for young learners who want an alternative way to learn about magnetism while still having loads of fun!
  • Despite being interested in building stuff, 2-year old kids find it hard without hitting everything around them, because of their lack of fine motor coordination skills.

All to all, magnets can make the experience more playful by keeping those problems from interfering with it. This toy is recommended by experts as one of the best engineering toys for kids from 2 years old. ( tac dung gi , hay loi ich gi voi tre 2 tuoi


Price: ~40$

Age: For 4 years old and up


The Thames and Kosmos ‘Kids First’ is a construction set for preschoolers that allows kids to be innovative builders. 

The toys allow children to craft:

  • planes, 
  • cars, 
  • amusement parks, 
  • automobiles…
  • anything they can imagine! 

Not only will this give preschoolers the chance to exercise creativity but it also gives them an opportunity to expand their fine motor skills as well. This toy is highly recommended to every single toddlers who enjoy building things, LEGOS and animals.

Price: ~$13.39

Age: For 4 years old and up


“The Build-A-Dino set is the perfect introduction to building for kids aged 4 and 5”, says Poznansky. 

It aligns with their interests in dinosaurs while matching skill level 

Plus, it gives them a sense of accomplishment from using a real screwdriver! 

In the end they can make themselves an adorable T Rex out of colorful moving parts or other cute dinosaurs.

Moreover, it helps to create curiosity of the Dino world for children from a young age.   

Price: ~$28.00

Age: From 3 years old and up


A construction toy is limitless for the imagination and comes with a booklet that explains how to build unique toys. 

With interchangeable parts, it can be combined into many different structures at any age! 

These sets also allow children’s creativity to flow as they stretch enough to let them create more stuff.

Don’t be surprised when seeing a big boat or a robot appear in your son or daughter’s hands made from these simple parts. The mechanical toy set can be your toddlers’ first achievement and their motivation to become future engineers. 

Price: ~$10.00

Age: From 8 years old and above

Who knew that toys could teach children about the laws of physics? Ravensburger’s GraviTrex system is one such toy. 

This track design game allows young engineers and imagineers to experiment with:

  •  gravity, 
  • magnetism, 
  • and force while building innovative race tracks.

When the masterpiece is finished, you will surely be amazed because the work looks like something from the future.

 Indeed, your children can learn essential knowledge about Physics while having fun.

Price: ~$15

Age: From 4 years old and above


Meccano Junior encourages your child’s creativity, with barrels and boxes containing parts to make:

  • cars, 
  • tractors, 
  • boats…

Each model has trendy colors; all construction parts are plastic. 

The screwdriver is easy-to-use; the wrench provided makes it safe for use by children of any age (5+). 

The set comes complete with detailed instructions on how to assemble each item in order from most basic builds up through expert level projects. Who knows that your child may become successful in the engineering industry.

Price: ~$31.99

Age: From 6 years old and above


What kind of fun, educational puzzle game will you get for your child? The 28-piece Zig & Go Djeco construction set teaches kids to understand “weight” and “height” affects the speed of a moving object. 

By deducing what comes next in their course, children learn about chain reactions through this unique gameplay!

Not only can your children play by themselves, you are welcome to join them whenever you want.

Price: ~$167

Age: 5 years old and above


Building your own home has never been this fun! Trigonos Family is a construction game for children that stimulates creativity and concentration. 

You can make huts, each more unusual than the next using 79 pieces of fabric, junction cubes, and wooden sticks. 

This geometry-based toy allows you to understand concepts such as physics and mathematics while having lots of fun building houses.

Price: ~ $11.00

Age: From 9 years old and above


This educational game will teach your child about robotics by letting him build his own cardboard robot. 

  • The book that comes with this kit has 8 step-by-step experiments for children to follow and learn from while enjoying themselves. 
  • They can even program their robots, manipulating the position of its various sensors as they see fit. 

All in all, it’s a great way to introduce kids aged 9 years old and up into the fascinating world of science! No wonder why it is the first STEM toy that comes to any parents’ mind.

Price: ~ $25
Age: From 10 years old and above


Does your child dream of building a car? Thanks to the Meccano Supercar, he can build the one his heart desires. 

This game allows you to create 25 different models of racing cars and even drive them thanks to a 6V variable speed motor. 

Your child will have ergonomic tools for more comfort during construction and precise assembly. 

The set includes 337 parts as well as:

  • stickers, 
  • 2 tools, 
  • 1 motor,
  • and an instruction manual that walks him through every step though with patience it requires skills too!

Plus, they run off 4 LR03 batteries which are not included, so make sure if needed buy some beforehand.

Note*: The set is also compatible with all other Meccano metallic pieces from previous sets or those may be purchased separately in stores near you 

Price: ~ $34.00

Age: From 5 years old and above


The GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope allows children to explore the enlarged world and features:

  • A built-in light, 
  • Non-slip feet, 
  • Aample tray for collecting specimens, 
  • Two extra large eyepieces so kids can get up close with their subject of study. 
  • A microscope that magnifies 8x makes it an awesome learning tool that will keep your child interested in science forever

It is also teaching them important skills like patience and focus while engaging in observation activities, which makes this toy become one of the best educational preschool toys on the market today.

Small parts mean this device is not suitable for children under three years old.

Price: ~ $142.00

Age: From 8 years old and above


The Little Tikes STEM Jr Wonder Lab is perfect for toddlers who want to learn more about the world through science experiments. 

It provides 20 hands-on activities using common household ingredients to teach kids about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The lab comes with over 40 sounds and phrases available in addition to 20 accessories like:

  •  maze pieces, 
  • balls, 
  • test tubes, 
  • mixing spoons, 
  • pipette,
  • and of course most importantly lab glasses.

Plus, cleaning up after each experiment has never been easier thanks to a removable tray!

Price: ~50$

Age: For 3 years old and above


This high-tech caterpillar uses STEM toys to teach 3-year olds the basis of coding and programming, while also helping them develop their motor skills.

By rearranging the caterpillar’s body parts, the toy can move in any way that your children want. Moreover, it comes with a joyful melody for your kids to enjoy.

This wonderful engineering toy is the best for a 3-year old child. It has an incredible battery life, as well as the option to buy additional segments if needed!

Price: ~ 30.00$

Age: For 8 years old and above


Each set can be transformed into 4 creatures. 

The set includes:

  •  The string of LED lights (80 lights with a USB cable),
  • 44 tiles
  • 92 connectors 
  • Two primary components
  • The online video for detailed instructions to build the models such as the unicorn, the polar bear, the lion, the kitten… is included.

The wide selection for boys and girls include: “Starlight Kitty & Cutie Crew”, “Shining Sweetheart & Lovely Stuff”, “Shimmer Shark & Ocean Pals”, “Luminous Lion & Serengeti Sidekicks”, “Northern LIghts Polar Bear & Winter Pals” and more.., 

Preschoolers will have their chance to express their unlimited creativity with this high-quality engineering toy.

II. Some Tips For Parents Before Buying These STEM Toys

  • Try your best to avoid cheap knock off brands

They’re cheaply made and don’t have any educational value. If you want something durable, try Legos or K’nex. They come in a variety of colors! 

Moreover, if you feel like the American brands are not diverse enough, you can try other toy brands from other countries such as Meccano, Keva, Creatto, Zig & Go…


  • Mind the size

It is best to consider buying engineering toys that are larger than your toddlers’ mouth, especially for children from the age of 2 to 5.

If the toys happen to have small parts then you should only let your children play with it when you are around to join the fun with them. Remember to put all the small pieces back in the box and check it carefully while doing it.

  • Don’t choose the ones with loud noises 

Your babies’ ears are very sensitive, you don’t want the toys to scare your children before they actually touch them.

Choose the stem toys that have gentle sounds and have a volume button to adjust the sound.

  • Check for harmful materials

There are plastic toys which are toxic to children. The toddlers usually interact with the objects with their mouth so check the materials which created the toy before buying.

You should prioritize buying toys that are labeled “Non Toxic”.

  • For electronic toys

Even if it is said to be the best electronic toy for kids, you still need to check the label for the “UL Approved” mark.

UL is a company that tests products to make sure they don’t have any safety issues. The UL Listed seal means your product has been tested and found free from the risk of fire or electric shock, so it’s safer than other ones on the market!

III. Common Questions From Parents about Engineering Toys

  •  Do you think gender plays a major role in which type of engineering toy people like more? 

Due to many experts, parents should allow their children to experience what they like through all kinds of toys. In the present, it is no longer abnormal for a girl to like creating robots or building a motor toy.

As long as the toys are safe to play with, parents should let their children express their abilities.

  • Is there an age range that you would recommend for these types of toys?

In any description for a specific toy, it is demanded to be clear about the age range for children to play. However, parents are advised to check the toys carefully before handing it to your child.

With electronic toys, parents should pay attention to their kids while their kids are playing with these toys.

  • What toys should every toddler have?

They are learning new things every day and it’s never too early to start them down the right path. One way to do this is by providing toys that teach essential skills for young minds such as:

  • Construction toys such as robots, houses, vehicles…
  • Experimenting toys such as mini labs, microscopes…
  • Animal toys such as dinosaurs, birds, fish, mammals…


  • Besides STEW toys, are there any other recommendations for toddlers toys?

Parents don’t always need to rely on engineering toys to check their babies’ abilities. Sometimes, you only need a white paper and some markers.

There are some beautiful toys such as crayons, markers… which children can use to express their creativity as well as what they are interested in. 


In conclusion, 

Parents should keep in mind that for different ages, there are different options in choosing the right engineering toys so don’t try to force your 2 year old baby with complex playthings. After this article, we hope that you can select some of the best brain-building toys for toddlers among the top 14 high-quality options above.


Thank you for spending your time with our post and you are welcome to check out other relevant articles on our website.